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iSuper Heli

The iSuper Heli app turns your iPhone,iPod touch, or iPad into a great remote controller for an iSuper helicopter, which will let you experience the thrill of flying a helicopter via your iPhone,iPod touch, iPad and Android!

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iSuper Helicopter

iPhone/iPod touch controlled helicopter

iSuper Helicopter

A revolutionary way to fly helicopters
Have you ever dreamed of flying a helicopter using smartphone or tablet? do you want to get the most out of your smartphone or tablet?
Our innovative solution makes all of your wishes granted.The "iSuper Heli" app turns your iOS/Android device into a great remote controller for our bluetooth enabled helicopters.
Finger touching the phone screen or tilt the device will gain the full control over the chopper, it's a truly unique experience, a comfortable flight, free your fingers and nerves from a classic remote.

Safer and easier to control, makes the fun last longer
The controls are amazingly intuitive, you will understand the control operations in no time, and pick it up supereasily.
- Touch Control: Use a virtual joystick on your Multi-Touch display or touchscreen to maneuver the chopper.
- Tilt to Steer: Tilt your device to move the chopper forward, backward, and side to side. The smartphone or tablet bluetooth control gives the helicotper a consistant hovering performane, most of the time it hovers in the air even though you don't do anything to your phone, fewer crashes!Hence it is a great way to start off safely.

Feature-packed app adds more fun to play
Flying the helicopter will likely be one of the most amazing things you'll ever do with your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad or Android device.
It lets you enjoy the enhanced performance as well as the cool features that are not available on an ordinary RC helicotper.
The real-time bluethooth control via smart phone or tablet not only provides precise super stable, interactive flying experience but also makes the helicopter smarter.
The all-directional virtual joystick on the app interface and the smartphone or tablet's built-in accelerometer sensor ensure 360 degree flexible flying.

Creative features in the app:
Press the down-angle icon to do a safe auto-land or when out of bluetooth control range(at least 60ft), it will do auto-land by itself.
Touch the "Stop" icon to do an emergency landing: when any emergency occurs or a phone call and short message coming, it will turn off the power and stop the propellers by itself.
Record a flying path to the smart device, replay it anytime by pressing the "Play" button, the helicopter will do an auto-pilot to repeat the recorded flight pattern.
Multiple helicotpers are able to compete with each other in one room thanks to the bluetooth point to point connection feature.
Add your favorite songs to your list in the app, play it during a flight.